The Great Lake

Every dog's dream

Find out our huge pool where all types of dogs can enter, from the biggest ones to the smallest pups. There is a shallower area for those unfamiliar with the water, so even the shyest dog can enjoy the pleasures of playing in the water. The most adventurous ones will find surfboards, canoes, slides and the star attraction: a great jumping ramp where the Spanish Championship of Jumps takes place every year.

You can't miss it!

The ``Mini`` Lake

A paradise for small dogs

We have an exclusive pool for the smaller dogs, so that they can enjoy the water without the big dogs running over them. This lake has a central hut with two slides and plenty of games and activities for your "mini" dog to play and make lots of new friends.

Laughter is assured!

El lago “mini”

Un paraíso para los perros pequeños

Para los perros más pequeños tenemos una piscina exclusiva para ellos, para que puedan disfrutar sin que los grandes les corran por encima. Este lago tiene una caseta central con dos toboganes y un montón de juegos y actividades a las que tu perro “mini” pueda jugar y hacer muchos amigos nuevos.

¡Las risas están aseguradas!

Oasis and dunes

Rolling in the sand is great!

Rolling in the sand is great!

The waterpark oasis will be a unique experience: an area with mountains of fine river sand and a central oasis for your dog to take a dip between races or to play with the giant water jets.

Your dog will remember this day forever!

Free Areas

Frisbee championships are our thing!

Around the great lakes, you will find 5,000m2 of green areas where you can rest and your dog can enjoy running freely and safely, as all our facilities are limited. In these areas, you and your dog can lie down and relax under an umbrella. After hours and hours of playing you all deserve a break!

Areas Libres

¡Los campeonatos de frisby son lo nuestro!

Alrededor de los grandes lagos encontrarás 5000m2 de zonas verdes en las que tú podrás descansar y tu perro podrá disfrutar de correr libremente y sin peligro, ya que todas nuestras instalaciones están acotadas. En estas áreas tú y tu perro podréis tumbaros y relajaros debajo de alguna sombrilla, después de horas y horas de juegos todos merecen un descanso.

The restaurant

Because not everything good is (just) for dogs

This space is 100% human-friendly, our restaurant has a gastronomic offer designed to satisfy every craving: from our famous “Aqua Bar Flamms” pizzas (authentic Alsatian pizza), to salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted chicken, tapas and also for vegans.

Aren't you getting hungry?